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About Aultrust

Aultrust is a financial and real estate development organization, combining finance with development to help build distinctive communities. Aultrust takes its name from a deep-rooted conviction to principles of integrity, good-will, and social responsibility. Aultrust subscribes to the idea of being a responsible corporate citizen through incorporating policies to:

  1. Reduce carbon footprints to mitigate climate change.
  2. Embrace sustainable development practices both environmentally and economically.
  3. Engage in charitable and meaningful initiatives in partnership community groups.
  4. Adopt a balanced approach to conducting business and being a responsible member of society.

We believe in the power of inclusion and partnership in every community we work in. A building in our view is more than just a physical structure, it is a living, enduring element of its community. A successful building, therefore, needs to live in complete harmony with its surroundings, landscape, culture and residents. That is the foundation of our philosophy when taking on a project for investing, financing or constructing.


Aultrust Financial is a financial institution with a goal to provide innovative funding solutions for small and medium developers to help promote, support and proliferate increased opportunity for smaller-scale, community-based development in our cities around Greater Vancouver. It can be difficult in the current financial climate for smaller community developers to obtain financing and raise money to build unique and exciting project. Most of the major banks favor larger developers who usually shy away from boutique development projects due to lack of scale.


Aultrust Development is an extended division of Aultrust Financial, with a mission to bring boutique, life-style, harmonious developments to communities that we work in. We look for opportunities to use innovative, socially conscience investments into buildings that are unique, memorable and artistically designed for the community.

Aultrust’s Advantages

A Different Mission

We believe while cookie-cutter, large-scale development play an essential role in providing accommodation and shelter to our increasing population, we should still cherish innovative design that helps bring culture and aesthetics to our cities. Modern architecture should be allowed to explore creativity in design to incorporate each community’s unique and distinct needs into a building that is not only functional for the residents but also pleasing to the eye.


The Principals at Aultrust, are local businessmen, who grew up and lived in Port Moody for many years. We operate child-care facilities, support local businesses and understand the community. This is the reason, as a first project, Aultrust Development has selected 3000 Henry in Port Moody.

Featured Project: 3000 Henry Street

Aultrust_Featured Project_3000 Henry

3000 Henry is a stunning design by AMA architect Tim Ankenman, on a beautiful setting of the Chimes on Port Moody, with environmentally conscience planning to preserve over 70% of the natural landscape.  This project has been through over 13 years of design and improvements and has evolved into a building that not only encapsulates the values of the City of the Arts but is also functional, non-disruptive and efficient. It is just on the cusp of the TOD (Transit Oriented Development) area with only a 500 meters distance to Moody station.

It is Aultrust’s objective to help bring this unique building to life for and in collaboration with the residents of Port Moody. To that end, we have relentlessly engaged and heard from a community member and will continue to have conversations with the public, City of Port Moody and other stakeholders to ensure the needs of the community are foreseen and incorporatedat 3000 Henry.

Understanding the City and the region is struggling with a housing affordability as a priority, we have incorporated programs into the development of 3000 Henry to help local residents, first-time home buyers, attain ownership in this building through a creative rent-to-own program, by providing the buyers 2 years to live and occupy units, and save on their rent towards their down-payment. We have introduced a first of its kind proposal to include lock-off units in the larger suites that would provide inclusivity, add to neighborhood rental pool and can help bring seniors closer to home and their families while maintaining their independence.

Aultrust and 3000 Henry is partnering with local non-profits such as Kinsight to incorporate build-to-suit units to help deliver inclusivity, accommodation and care to the most vulnerable members of the society.

Project Sustainability

3000 Henry brings together a combination of sustainable design with state-of-the-art green building features such as:

  • Extensive Green Balconies and rooftop amenities;
  • Additional streamside setbacks along Elginhouse Creek and West Channel;
  • Compact building footprint (80% of the site is maintained in its natural state);
  • Extensive landscaping;
  • LEED Silver equivalency;
  • BC Step Code Tier 2;
  • Electric vehicle charging capabilities in all parking stalls.

In order to foster a sense of community within the residents of the building and reduce traffic, 3000 Henry is incorporating beautifully designed shared work-spaces, to help more of the residents work from home and alleviate traffic congestion. The development will also provide a ride-sharing service for the residents.

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Aultrust Partnerships

There are many stakeholders who need to come together to bring a project to life. Aultrust creates lasting partnerships with capable providers, community institutions, and builders to deliver boutique, exceptional and quality buildings that become landmarks of their respective communities for generations to come.

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